Here’s What Clients Are Saying…

“(Cliff) helped me to recognize my strengths and lead me to resolution of my challenges. I was accountable to someone so it made me more aware of completing actions…this led to renewed empowerment and confidence in leadership capabilities. I am maintaining the curiosity to gain knowledge from others, network and socialize more.”

Deputy Director

Cliff’s approach was a good fit for me. He provided me with much needed focus”

Board President

“Cliff is excellent at creating a comfortable environment where I can really think about my situation. He challenged me to think deeper and more thoughtfully through issues, even playing devil’s advocate as necessary. This helped me to see all sides of an issue, which allows for a clearer vision moving forward in my life and career.”

Local Government Executive

“I was made comfortable enough to share personal thoughts and feelings. Additionally, I was provided with resources helpful to me in gaining internal clarity. I was able to identify foundational internal issues and techniques to improve those, to gain my goals. Before the coaching, I thought they were external.”

Relationship (Dating) Client