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10 Tips To Get The Most From Your Coach

TIP #1

Use your coach as a resource, not as an answer.


Your coach has lived a lot, seen a lot and coached others who are facing similar challenges.  Your coach has been trained to listen, inspire, educate, manage, and guide.  Your coach has been trained to initiate conversations, share ideas, make requests, clarify your thinking and support your decisions.  Your coach may have some answers for you, but more often than not, the answers will come from you.  Your coach will help you discover them for yourself. 


TIP #2

Keep and be on time for your coaching sessions.


It is not an exaggeration to say that you will probably reach your goals faster if you make your coaching sessions a priority.  Do not cancel or reschedule.  Do be on time.  To be on time for an in-person or phone appointment is to be there (rested, present, and ready to work) at the prearranged time.  Coaching is a gift you give yourself.


TIP #3

Come to the coaching meeting prepared with an agenda.


It’s your goal and vision.  It’s your opportunity.  So, get what you want out of each session; don’t expect the coach to initiate.  Come to each session with a list of questions, a concern, an idea, or an opportunity.  Use the Coaching Strategy Form.


TIP #4

Relentlessly get your needs met.


Needs?  Like air, water, shelter, love?  Yes, but there are others which, when not met, keep you from expressing your self fully, reaching your goals and living your vision.  Ask your coach to help you discover what’s critical to get what you need in life.  Getting your needs met is not optional.


TIP #5

Inspire the coach, in good times and bad.


A coach needs to be inspired by you, your actions and what is happening in your life.  It’s easy when things are going well, but how do you inspire the coach (and yourself) when you’ve hit a snag?  You can do this by being human, fully communicating and confiding in your coach, by listening to the coaching and getting back in the saddle when you’re ready. 



TIP #6

Get yourself heard. 


Being fully listened to is an integral aspect of coaching.  The more you are fully heard, the more you can accomplish.  So, make sure your coach is hearing all of what you are saying, even if you can’t articulate it fully.  Often, simply being truly and fully heard is more than enough.


TIP #7

Under-promise, don’t over-promise.


Sometimes you may find yourself promising yourself and your coach too much.  Experience has shown that most clients do better promising less and accomplishing more.  Playing catch up with too many promises to too many people robs you of energy.  Under-promise, produce more; enjoy the surplus.


TIP #8

Tell others about being coached.


“Having a coach” should not be a secret.  You may find it empowering to share what you are learning and accomplishing with your coach. Only people who are savvy, resourceful and ambitious hire a coach – so be proud! Remember, you are the lucky one to have a coach to work with, so share what you gain with others.


TIP #9

Be a true partner.


Your coach wants to do the best possible job in supporting your success. Along the way, let her know how she is doing, what is effective, what you appreciate, what you want more of and what you want less of.  Mutual feedback is a welcome and necessary part of a coaching partnership.


TIP #10

Enjoy the process.


We have work to do together, but that doesn’t always mean intense effort.  After a number of sessions with your coach, you may find that we laugh a lot during our meetings – at life, how you’ve grown, how things happen.  Coaching meetings aren’t frivolous, but they should be enjoyable, for both of us.  Enjoy every moment of the journey.


*reprinted with permission from Leading With Intention, LLC

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